Landscape Grasses

Landscape designers, lawn care operators and turf managers at commercial properties typically face challenges and needs that vary by client. High-end customers, such as homeowners of upscale residences and facility managers at high-visibility office complexes, often place the main priority on the aesthetic qualities of the turfgrass variety — primarily, its color and fineness of leaf texture. Other clients, such as those with a limited budget and/or lack of desire to spend time or effort in mowing and fertilizing, may demand a low-maintenance cultivar with reduced input requirements.

Below, we’ve grouped, by degree of maintenance required, our 14 varieties suitable for lawn and landscape applications. Our low-maintenance varieties are ideally suited for clients who wish to spend as little time and money on lawn care as possible, yet still enjoy a high-quality look. Our medium-maintenance varieties are best suited for clients who either enjoy working in their landscape or who hire a lawn care service to regularly maintain their lawn. Our higher-maintenance varieties, while requiring the most frequent care, provide premium surfaces for those who demand the finest lawns available.

The absolute least-demanding turfgrass for low-maintenance lawns in the southern transition zone, centipedegrass is perfect for your busy homeowner clients who prefer to spend their after-work hours on the lake or golf course instead of on yard work. Slow-growing centipedegrass can go up to two w … MORE
Perfectly suited for the Coastal Plain of the Carolinas and Virginia, Raleigh St. Augustinegrass is remarkably tolerant of high salinity soils and thrives in moist, humid climates with mild winters. Discovered growing in a home lawn in 1980, Raleigh was further developed by North Carolina State U … MORE
Looking for year-round green? For clients who demand a cool-season variety that doesn’t go dormant (and turn tan) in the wintertime, Select is hard to beat. A premium mixture of 90% turf-type tall fescue and 10% Kentucky fescue/bluegrass mixture, blended with cultivars with excellent drought re … MORE
The first certified variety of centipedegrass, TifBlair adds improved cold tolerance to the standard low-maintenance attributes of common centipede, extending its growth range up into the middle and eastern areas of Virginia. Its superior genetics and deeper root system also make it more drought … MORE
The most cold tolerant of the zoysiagrass cultivars, Meyer zoysia is ideal for lawns and landscapes as far north as Maryland. While not as drought tolerant as other zoysiagrass cultivars and therefore not as suitable in the hotter South, Meyer is most commonly used in the northern areas of the tr … MORE
Need a lawn variety that both looks great and lasts? Dark green and lush, with a soft-to-the-touch feel, Empire zoysiagrass creates a picture-perfect lawn, yet it’s sturdy enough to take the rough-and-tumble play of pets and kids. Empire thrives in a wide range of soil types, from sand to c …MORE
Got clients without irrigation systems? Developed specifically to survive extreme drought conditions and quickly recover when rainfall resumes, El Toro zoysiagrass is one of the most drought-tolerant turfgrasses ever released. El Toro grows well in sun or shade, and it thrives in low-fertility en … MORE
For active home lawns and trafficked areas at commercial sites or parks/recreation facilities, the perfect turfgrass solution is T10 bermudagrass. Its slower upright growth requires less than half the mowing of other bermudas (and easily maintained with a rotary mower), and its natural deep blue- … MORE
Simply the most beautiful grass we have ever seen, Zeon zoysiagrass delivers a “wow factor” that’s in a class by itself. A fine-bladed, soft-textured zoysia cultivar, Zeon is an excellent alternative to bermudagrass, especially since it grows more slowly, which reduces encroachm … MORE
Released in 1960, Tifway 419 bermudagrass has been a reliable, proven lawn grass for more than five decades. Its excellent turf density resists weeds, tolerates traffic wear and absorbs impact, softening the falls of children at play. Tolerant of both heat and drought, and resistant to most insec … MORE
No matter what height your customers want their lawns kept cut — from 1/2″ to 2” — TifSport bermudagrass performs equally well, regardless of mowing height. As with all bermudas, TifSport’s drought tolerance is outstanding, and its density provides excellent wear resistanc …MORE
The most cold hardy of our bermudagrasses, Patriot was developed and released by Oklahoma State University specifically for cold tolerance and aggressive growth. Its rapid-spreading habit makes it ideally suited for high-traffic lawns and landscapes in locales where the growing season is shorter. … MORE
The most recent addition to the famous “Tif” (Tifton) series of bermudagrasses from the University of Georgia (including Tifway, TifSport and T10), TifGrand was bred to outperform all its predecessors. It requires less irrigation and fertilizer, and its extensive root system gives it …MORE