Insects, weeds, water use, mowing frequency, traffic, shade, nutrients… when maintaining a lawn, each of these play a part, but are typically somewhat straightforward to identify and address. An area that many homeowners and turf professionals alike struggle with is disease identification and treatment.

Turf pathology is the scientific study of diseases in turfgrass caused by pathogens and environmental conditions. Organisms that cause infectious disease include fungi, bacteria, nematodes, parasitic plants and more. It’s no wonder that researchers devote their entire careers to understanding this one focused area of turfgrass health!

So why does this matter to the average homeowner or turf professional? Diagnosing and treating turf disease can be the difference in recovering the damaged area, limiting the disease or complete turf loss! Diagnostics by turf disease experts are the best tools to address turf disease and understand next steps. Local extension agents are your best connection to the how, where and who in this process – don’t delay disease diagnostics!