When establishing a new lawn, many homeowners are unsure of whether seeding or sodding is the best choice. Both options can produce a lush, beautiful lawn, but a sodded lawn gives you a head start, and some of the hard work of establishment is done for you by turfgrass professionals!

Those who choose seeding most likely will have a lower up-front cost, but the time and effort required, as well as longer-term costs of establishment and maintenance, can negate those up-front savings.

With sod, in as little as a day, your property can go from bare soil to dense, bright turfgrass. For a seeded lawn, you’ll need to limit traffic for a considerable period of time while the newly planted seed and emerging plants are still most susceptible to damage. Instead of spending months tiptoeing around your lawn while establishing seed (seeded lawns take an average of two years to fully establish), give your sod a little extra TLC for a week or two and get busy enjoying the benefits of a lawn that is sure to make your neighbors jealous!