Golf Grasses

Golf course superintendents typically maintain at least two turfgrass varieties — one for putting greens and one (or more) for everywhere else, including collars, fairways, tees and roughs. Many superintendents maintain three varieties, with a different variety (sometimes even a different species) for roughs than in fairways. When selecting a variety for each area of a golf course, several key criteria must be considered.

On putting greens, certainly the first and foremost selection factor is the geographical location of the course, which invariably dictates the climactic conditions the variety must endure. Although many golfers prefer bentgrass putting greens, cool-season bentgrass can present extremely challenging maintenance issues for superintendents in the southern areas of the transition zone. While Buy Sod’s Greens-Quality Bentgrass, grown and thriving in Candor, NC, is far more adapted to summer stresses than other bentgrasses, our Champion Dwarf bermudagrass sod offers an excellent alternative in locales where summer heat and drought can be brutal.

On other areas of the course, the amount of foot and cart traffic, availability of irrigation and levels of sun and shade are all crucial considerations. Click on the appropriate button below to view varieties best suited for golf fairways and tees, putting greens, and golf roughs.