Homeowner Grasses

Are you looking for the perfect grass for your lawn? To select the right variety for your site, you will need to consider three primary factors —

  1. Do you want your lawn to stay green year-round, without a period of winter dormancy when the grass turns a tan color?
  2. Is your lawn primarily in full sun (minimum of 6 to 8 hours), or do you need a variety that can tolerate some shade?
  3. How much time are you willing to spend taking care of your lawn, particularly when it comes to mowing and fertilizing?

Buy Sod offers well over a dozen of the best lawn-grass varieties on the market for our region, and each one has its own particular pluses and minuses. For instance, both of our cool-season varieties — Blue Heat bluegrass and Select fescue/bluegrass mixture — will stay green through the winter, but they will likely need supplemental irrigation during the hottest summer months. On the other hand, our warm-season varieties are exceptionally tolerant of drought and heat, but they will go dormant in winter. And, while fine-bladed grass varieties will create a barefoot-soft, lush-looking lawn, they typically require more frequent mowing (and some require more fertilizer, especially the bermudagrasses). Plus, although the fine-bladed varieties can be maintained with a standard rotary mower, they look their best when cut with a reel mower instead.

Below, we’ve listed our top-performing varieties in various categories, with stars by the very best selection(s) for each category. For detailed information on each variety, just click on the variety name.

Throughout the Carolinas and Virginia, we offer most of our lawn varieties for purchase at your local SiteOne Landscape Supply store, where you can examine them up close and compare leaf textures and color. If you have a particularly large site or need a variety that your local SiteOne Landscape Supply store does not carry, however, feel free to contact us directly at 866-428-9763.

Year-Round Green

Low Maintenance

Drought/Heat Tolerant

Shade Tolerant

Cold Tolerant (for the northern transition zone)

High-End Properties (more maintenance required)